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R&F Properties along with Senyuan Furniture, is committed to [Guangzhou Conrad]. Details resonate with travelers.

   Time:2019/6/18 0:00:00

R&F Properties, Sun Hung Kai Properties, and KWG Properties, along with Senyuan Furniture again, develop the grand luxury trip of Guangzhou Conrad Hotel.

Guangzhou Conrad Hotel, located in the central area of the Zhujiang River New Town, is jointly developed and owned by R&F Properties, Sun Hung Kai Properties, and KWG Properties. It is managed by Hilton Hotels & Resorts Group. The inspiration of the hotel design, originating from the unique view of the Xiguan culture, integrates the architectural elements of Xiguan big houses into the internal design with modern design methods. Fusing the brand service culture essence—"the attribution of inspiration is beyond the stop," it is bound to be the best choice for guests with rich travel experience.


       A master piece of work should have a soul, which is embodied in the craftsman’s constant pursuit of quality. In the repetitive exploration of extremities by the craftsman, space bears human emotion and temperament. That is a wisdom derived from life and the understanding of material characteristics. In conjunction with physical properties, the use of craft must be natural. Only in that way can good work compel people to cast their eyes on it, pull their feet toward it, pay their attention to it, and throw their love to it.