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Senyuan enter the VIP Boardroom of Xiamen’s Minnan Grand

   Time:2019/4/10 0:00:00

September 4, 2017, the Evening Performance Gala for the BRICS meeting was successfully held at the Minnan Grand Theatre in Xiamen. President Xi Jinping, President Putin, and other leaders and guests attended the event. Featuring the national quality, the characteristics of southern Fujian, and the customs of Xiamen, the grand event was magnificent and vibrant. The Minnan Grand Theatre has presented a beautiful “BRICS” performance for domestic and foreign leaders.

Senyuan Furniture Group had the fortune to enter the VIP Boardroom of Xiamen’s Minnan Grand Theatre to provide high-quality custom furniture for BRICS leaders and guests. After supplying furniture to President Obama’s No.5 Villa during the 2014 APEC meeting and to the five main reception hotels and the State Banquet Hall during the 2016 G20, Senyuan Furniture once again demonstrated outstanding quality and exhibited a high-quality Made-in-China image alongside the State on the international conference stage. 

Senyuan Furniture has become the leading enterprise in the domestic custom furniture industry. We produce with ingenuity and believe in quality first. The Chinese manufacturing industry must strive for self-improvement to stand for the country and stand on the international stage.